Why Choose Visual Veggies Software?

At Visual Veggies Software, we’ve helped thousands of nutrition students pass their Registration Exams for Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians since 2005!

Our mission is to provide dietetic students with the most innovative study materials to prepare for their exams. Whether you’re going through your internship, have been out of school for some time but still need to take your exam, or are at any level of schooling for nutrition, Visual Veggies Software applications will give you the experience you need and help you succeed with your exam!

All Visual Veggies Software applications are developed by a Registered Dietitian.

The Benefits of Visual Veggies

There are several benefits to choosing Visual Veggies as your test preparation method for the RD or DTR exams.

Go Green

With software, there are no paper materials to send out. It’s less of an impact on the environment.

No Shipping Costs

Save money on shipping with immediate downloads.

Free Updates

Receive 12 months of free updates and support to get the latest content and features.

Save Time

Download the software immediately after purchasing.

No monthly fees

The study packages are yours to keep until you decide to uninstall them.

Exam Simulations

The RD and DTR Exams are computer based. Get the experience you need with Visual Veggies Software applications.

First time pass rate*

*As of July 1, 2024

First time pass rate*

*As of April 2, 2024

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