What our customers are saying

“The Visual Veggies Study Sessions planning tool was a huge game changer for me! When I attempted to study on my own, I found it difficult to know where to start/what to study, would get easily distracted by other subjects, get frustrated, and give up. My graduate program purchased the Dietitian Exam Study Suite program for my class and I added on the Study Sessions function, Hanging with Nutrition, and the Flash Cards. Having a plan already set up for me made it so much easier to focus and stick to a daily regimen. I also so enjoyed the explanations with the quiz answers. Not to mention the customer service has been amazing. I do not feel I would have passed (with a fairly high score) my first attempt without this program. It truly shows that the creator of this program had RD students in mind reflected by the usability and the affordable price!”

“I am excited to say I passed my RD exam with a 28 which was my goal! I am so grateful for the preparation that Visual Veggies provided me! I loved that the software divided up the studying according to your personal schedule.  Once reading the articles for the day I did matching games, hangman, and study questions.  It was so helpful in learning the information.  I am so appreciative of Ryan and Visual Veggies for helping me to reach my goal!  If you are trying to decide what system to use for your studying, I assure you that you won’t go wrong with VV!  Thank you so much!”

“I wanted to inform you that I successfully passed the RD exam yesterday with the help of your program! Thank you so much for creating a great program that meets the needs of a variety of learning styles! I thought your questions were great in preparing me and I loved your detailed explanations as to why the answers were right and wrong! Your matching games and videos were also great in meeting my visual learning needs! I really hope you continue to sell this program to students because it truly did make a difference in my understanding of the material and your program prepared me really well for the RD exam! I wished I used your program when preparing for the DTR exam 4 years ago and I will make sure to recommend your program to anyone preparing for the DTR or the RD exam!

Thanks again for all that you do!”

“I love everything about the software! It really helps me understand the material! I also love the exam questions, it really teaches me to read the question carefully and each answer choice carefully! The explanations for each question are well detailed, which further enhances my understanding of the material, would definitely highly recommend to anyone preparing for the DTR or RD exam!”

“I am so happy to be able to have the Dietitian Exam Study Suite! It is a great and practical way to study that honestly does not even feel like studying. The explanations are very useful and I can’t wait to take the RD exam after the great review that Visual Veggies Software provided.”

“I took my RD Exam and passed! I think the study software was most helpful in mimicking the format of the actual exam. Also, that the software provides explanations for why the answer you chose was correct or incorrect. I feel that is something important that the other study tool I used did not provide. I chose to use another study guide along with the Dietitian Exam Study Suite because I personally just like to have a hard copy of something telling me what I need to know. Using the Dietitian Exam Study Suite in combination allowed me to test my knowledge and see what domains I needed to go back to and review.

I really liked the exam readiness plant. It gave a good guide of how prepared I was. There wasn’t much that I disliked. Overall, Visual Veggies was important throughout my studying to test my knowledge and see where my weaknesses were. I have recommended the program to interns from other programs and will continue to do so. Thank you!”

“I wanted to share that my Dietetic Technician students using the Visual Veggies Software Diet Tech Exam Study Suite in their Dietetics Overview class passed their exit exam which entitles them to receive a verification statement! I am a believer in your resource and study tools. Thank you so much”

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed the RD Exam today, which was in great thanks to the Dietitian Exam Study Suite! I knew I had to change something about my studying, and finding your program was a blessing. I wish I had a blog to write about it, but I just wanted to let you know how helpful I found it. This program really taught me how to take the test, and understand the theory as to why something is the right answer. I think using your program made the world of a difference. I’ll be passing the word along to any future RD’s that I know. And thank you for creating such an amazing program!”

“I’m happy and very proud to say that I have passed the dietetic technician exam! I was very nervous going in and was so relieved and happy when I came out! I’m so very grateful for the Visual Veggies Diet Tech Exam Study Suite. It had everything I needed in order to pass the exam. I used it daily as my main study source and spent about 6 hours studying a day for a month!

The math portion of the Diet Tech Exam Study Suite was very very helpful. What I liked best about the Study Suite was that it gave clear and long explanations for every question which makes the learning process much better. I can’t say there was anything that I didn’t like about the program. I will most definitely be purchasing the Dietitian Exam Study Suite when that times comes for the RD exam! Thank you again for the amazing software!”

“I took the DTR Exam this past Saturday, and I PASSED!! Thank you Visual Veggies!! I do feel like VV was an important component to my passing the exam. I enjoyed the explanations and the variety of questions on VV. I feel like I learned a lot from the program that I didn’t pick up on in my classes because I had not had the practical experience of my internship. The internship plus VV was a great way to bring the information together. Thanks for the great program!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed the RD exam one week ago. It was my first try. Thank you so much for your software. I felt so confident while doing the exam because I was highly prepared and because I did tons of practice exams on your software. I did not have problems with time management thanks to your timed exams. I did not get any questions on topics you did not cover. To my surprise, the difficulty level of the actual RD exam questions was very similar to that of the Dietitian Practice Exam. I already recommended the Visual Veggies Software to my ex dietetic internship director and to the director at my ex college. Thank you for this wonderful product. I believe it is a must have for anyone preparing for the RD.”

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help!! I passed the DTR exam last week and I used your software as my real study guide – it was right on target!!! Excellent customer service – I had trouble downloading the software and was able to reach Ryan right away who called me back and spent time walking me through the downloading process on the phone. Unbelievable service!!”