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Android Apps Now Available!

Android apps are now available!

We’ve expanded our platform offerings.  The Android operating system joins Mac, Windows, web, and iOS!  The mobile Practice Exam To Go apps and the mobile Flash Cards app are now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

For this launch, we focused only on Android phones.  While the apps technically can run on larger-screen devices, like Android tablets, they have not been optimized to fit these larger screen sizes, so it won’t be the best experience.  Plus, the vast majority of Android users utilize phones over tablets.

These are native apps, meaning they are made just for Android, using the controls you’re used to seeing in an Android app.

Our new Android apps do not require internet connection, do not collect any personal information from you, and are a one-time purchase (not subscription-based!), which means you have them for LIFE!

Check out the new Android apps on the Google Play Store:

Dietitian Exam To Go

Diet Tech Exam To Go

Dietitian Exam Flash Cards