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No, the software is the same for both the flash drive and download.  These are just different methods of delivery.  With the flash drive, you may use this to reinstall the software should your computer crash.

As of January 1, 2016, we are no longer  reactivating download links, so if your computer crashed, and you purchased the download, you should consider purchasing a backup flash drive.  Read the announcement here.

Unfortunately not.  Your purchase will come with a unique Registration Code to activate the software.  The software may be installed and registered to only one computer per license.  With the flash drive though, should your computer crash, you may use the flash drive to reinstall the software.  Please contact us in this event so we can reactivate your Registration Code.

Backups are available on a flash drive.  While it is not required, it is recommended for customers who purchase the online download to safeguard their purchase in the event of a computer crash.  Customers who purchase the full-priced software on a flash drive do not need to also purchase a backup, since this may be used to reinstall the software.

As of January 1, 2016, we are no longer  reactivating download links, so if your computer crashed, and you purchased the download, you should consider purchasing a backup flash drive.  Read the announcement here.

Please note.  Having a backup flash drive or the full-priced flash drive does not make you mobile.  In other words, you won’t be able to plug the flash drive into any computer and use the software.  The software may be registered to only one computer per license.  The flash drive may be used only for reinstallation purposes.

In the actual exam, you need to achieve a score of 25 out of 50.  This does not equate to 50%.  The CDR weighs each questions with a point scale, most likely fractional points.  Your goal is to accumulate at least 25 points total in order to pass the exam.  In the actual exam, there are 20 or 25 questions that do not count which are mixed into the questions.  The CDR uses these as practice or to see if the questions are viable for future tests.

When using the Study Suite software, we have a similar scoring feature known as a Mock Scaled Score.  For every question, we assigned a point value based on the difficulty level.  After you take any Simulated Exam or the Pretest in the software, you will be presented with your Mock Scaled Score for the test.  This Mock Scaled Score is for informational use only.  It does not represent the actual score you will receive on your RD Exam or DTR Exam, but it should give you an idea of what you could potentially score.

The scaled score method is actually fairer than percentage.  A student can answer fewer total questions correct (have a lower test percent score) and still reach a passing score, granted that the questions answered correctly hold a higher point value.  From data we’ve reviewed, a passing scaled score (25 points or better) can have a percent score anywhere between 73% and 85%.

Desktop software:

Absolutely!  The software may be used indefinitely with unlimited access, even after a support subscription expires.  The support subscriptions are present only to receive software updates and for software support.  With the purchase of a new Study Suite program, you will receive free updates and support for the first 12 months.  After that time, feel free to use the software as much as you like, but in order to receive any future software updates and receive continued support, you will need to purchase an extended support subscription.

If your support subscription is still valid, you may purchase an extension in 3 months or 12 months increments.  If your support subscription has expired, you will need to purchase a Renewal Support Subscription Code.  You may purchase a support subscription code here.

Web app:

The web apps can only be used with a valid subscription.  Initially, you have the options for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.  Prior to your subscription expiring, you will have the option to extend your subscription by 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months.  The web app subscription extensions must be purchased prior to your subscription expiring.  Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new license.

To purchase a subscription extension for the web app, please do so here.

Yes.  The Practice Exam program was discontinued in October 2016 and replaced with the new Study Suite software.

The new Study Suite contains many new and improved features since the program was Practice Exam, and it is in line with the current CDR testing requirements.

The study mode of the Practice Exam program was just that, practice exams.  In the new Study Suite program, the practice exams are included, as well as the following new study categories:  Library, Whiteboard Video Tutorials, Matching, Abbreviations, Hanging with Nutrition, and Flash Cards