Mobile - Apple IOS FAQ

Navigate usage of the app on multiple devices, how to use and redeem promotional codes and differences between the app and desktop versions of the software.

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As long as all of your Apple mobile devices are linked to the same iTunes account, you only need to purchase the software once and can access it on each device, and it’s yours indefinitely!

Depending on your devices’ settings, once you purchase an app on the Apple App Store, it may automatically download to all of your devices.  If this does not occur, you can simply download the purchased app for free onto your other devices.  Below are two methods to accomplish this.

The easy method

  1. On your other device, open the App Store
  2. Search for the product you just purchased on your original device
  3. You will see that instead of the app having a price, it will display a little cloud with a down-arrow, which means download from the cloud
  4. Click the download button and enjoy

The slightly more complex method

  1. On your other device, open the App Store
  2. Click on the Updates tab at the bottom right side of the screen
  3. Click Purchased at the top
  4. Select the tab for “Not on this iPhone/iPad”
  5. Find the app in the list or search for it from the box at the top
  6. Click the download button and enjoy

Lucky you!  Below are the steps to redeem your redemption code.

  1. Go to the App Store on your iOS device
  2. Click the little circle icon on the top-right (it may have your picture)
  3. Click the link titled Redeem Gift Card or Code
  4. Click the link titled Enter Code Manually
  5. Type in the Redemption code provided to you and click Redeem
  6. Download the app and enjoy

Please note, the Redemption codes are valid for only four weeks, and these may not be reissued, so don’t hesitate to redeem it for the free app!

Unfortunately not.  Since Apple manages the sales and distribution of apps sold on the App Store, we are not able to provide discounts on apps sold on the Apple App Store.

Promotional codes are valid only on the Visual Veggies Software website.  Please feel free to utilize the promotional code you found on the website.

Unfortunately not.  All Visual Veggies Software applications utilize the same licensing agreement, which states “one computer or device per license”.  If you desire to have the software on your home computer and your mobile Apple device, you will need to purchase both.

If you purchased an iOS app, you may download it to as many Apple mobile devices that are linked to the same iTunes account.  Please see the FAQ above which references how to download the software to other devices.

Some of our products are available for both Windows and Mac desktop computers as well as Apple iOS mobile apps. There are some similarities and some differences to the software. Below is a comparison to the Practice Exam software.

The Study Suite for desktop (Windows and Mac) and the Practice Exam To Go on Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) are similar in the following ways:

  • They both contain the same question database of the Practice Exams
  • They both are grouped by domain so you can concentrate on a specific area
  • They both allow you to take a random test, which pulls questions randomly from each domain. There is a difference with this topic between the two platforms, which will be discussed below
  • They both provide you with a detailed explanation on the topic to learn more
  • They both keep track of the tests you’ve taken to review your progress and questions answered incorrectly
  • They both keep track on how well you’re doing in each domain to see where your strengths and weaknesses are

The desktop version contains the following features not present in the iOS version:

  • The Study Suite contains additional study categories, such as Library, Whiteboard Video Tutorials, Matching, Abbreviations, Flash Cards, and Hanging with Nutrition, and these are not present in the iOS app
  • The practice exams in the desktop version are timed to give you pressure testing against a clock
  • You can take a test on a specific subcategory of a main domain
  • You can build custom tests by Domain, Topic, or Keyword
  • You can retake questions you’ve answered incorrectly
  • You can focus on only math questions in the database
  • If you have a question on a specific question while taking your practice tests, you can email us directly with your question from the program
  • The Simulated test feature will ask you up to 145 total questions with 2.5 hours to complete the test and will stop once you have a passing score. This fully simulates the actual exam. The iOS version does not perform the same way