Software Usage FAQ

Find out how to register your program, how many computers can be used, the differences in the software versions and compatible operating systems here.

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The first time you run the software, you will need to register it.  You will only need to register once.  You must have internet access for the registration process.  Below are the steps to register your product.


  1. Double-click the program icon to open the program. On Windows, the software will be located on your desktop. On Mac, your software will be located in your Applications folder in Finder.
  2. A window appears stating you need to register the program. You were provided with an alpha-numeric Registration Code with your software. If you ordered the flash drive, the Registration Code would be included on a small card. If you ordered the download, you should have received your Registration Code in a separate email following the purchase. On this screen, enter your Registration Code exactly as it appears, and click “Verify Code”. Then proceed to fill out the form and click “Register Now!”. If you missed any required fields denoted by an asterisk (*), the field will turn red.
  3. A successful registration will then show the End User License Agreement document and a checkbox. Once you have read the License Agreement, check the box indicating you agree to the terms. Then click “Activate Now!” to activate your software.

Each program may only be installed and registered onto one computer.  If you are interested in installing onto multiple computers, additional software licenses must be purchased.

For the Student Edition of the software, there may be only one user per computer per license.

For the Academic Edition of the software, this may be installed onto only one computer per license.  However, you may have an unlimited number of users using the software.  The limitation is that the students must share the computer or computers where the software is installed.

Student Editions

Student Editions are designed for an individual student who purchases the program on their own, are studying at home, and are made for only one user.

Academic Editions

Academic Editions are designed for colleges, universities, or other academic institutions where the plan is to install the software in a computer lab for multiple users to access the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which edition is right for me?

If you are a student purchasing the program for yourself, or are an educational institution purchasing the software for your students to install on their individual computers at home, go for the Student Edition.

If you are an instructor or purchasing manager of a college, university, or other academic institution and plan to install the software on a shared computer in a lab, opt for the Academic Edition.

Why is there such a huge difference in cost for the Academic Edition?

The Academic Edition is more expensive because this edition allows for more than one student to use the software per license.  The Student Edition may have only one user per license.

Visual Veggies Software applications are compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

Windows operating systems include Windows 7 and above.  To locate your Windows operating system version number, type in “System Information” from your Start search box.

Mac operating systems include OS X 10.10.5 and above.  To locate your Mac operating system version number, click the little apple icon in the upper-left most part of your screen and go to “About this Mac”.