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Flash Drive Sale!

ANNOUNCEMENT:  All flash drives are on sale!

We recently updated our company logo, but we still have stock of flash drives and packaging with our old logo.  As a result, we are having a huge sale on all flash drives and backup flash drives to help flush out the old stock!

Don’t worry, your flash drives will still be loaded with the most current software, so you won’t be missing out on anything.

This sale will last until all of the old stock of flash drives is depleted.  Don’t delay and miss your chance of saving up to $66 automatically!

Sale details:

  • Save 15% on any flash drive purchase.  No promo code needed
  • Have a promo code?  Apply it to save even more!  Online orders only
  • Sale valid only on flash drive items.  Software downloads are not part of this sale
  • The sale will run until all stock is depleted
  • Schools and internships ordering bulk quantities of flash drives for students:  Your bulk discount will be whichever is greater, this 15% discount or your bulk discount.  The 15% sale will not be applied on top of your bulk discount

Additional details:

The flash drives fit into standard USB ports.  All flash drives now come with a complimentary USB-C adapter with our new logo!  So you can now use the flash drive in newer computers that only have a USB-C port!

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