Visual Veggies Support Subscription Extension

The Subscription Codes on this page require the Study Suite software. Please do not order these codes if you do not have the actual software. Before purchasing a subscription code on this page, please check to see if your subscription is current (not expired) or if it has expired. You can find this on the Subscriptions window in the software.

If your update subscription is still valid, you may purchase a 3-month or 12-month support subscription extension on this page.  If your subscription has expired, please do not purchase the subscription extensions on this page.  Instead, you will need to purchase a Renewal Subscription here.

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Please contact us before purchasing a Subscription Code if you are unsure as to which code to purchase and to ensure you purchase the correct one for your situation. If you do purchase the wrong one (i.e. you purchase the 3-month extension but your subscription has expired), we will refund your purchase minus a 20% fee.