Academic Edition Study Suite

One computer, multiple users per license.

Prepare your students for the Registration Exam for Dietitians or Dietetic Technicians

This software is intended for educational institutions to be installed on a computer for students to share and includes 12 months of usage, updates, and support. All Visual Veggies Software applications are created entirely by a Registered Dietitian!

The Study Suite Academic Edition is an all-inclusive product!

  • Library: List of searchable topics and articles to read prior to practicing
  • Practice Exams: Multiple-choice tests with questions similar to the actual RD Exam and explanations for each question
  • Whiteboard Video Tutorials: Follow along in various calculations and topics with step-by-step instructions
  • Matching: Match the term or phrase in one column to the term or phrase in another column
  • Medical Abbreviations: Type in the corresponding abbreviation to the term or phrase provided
  • Blind Exams: Answer questions from the Practice Exam database without the answer choices for an additional challenge
  • Hanging with Nutrition: Fun hangman-style game familiarizing students with the vocabulary of the profession
  • Flash Cards: Electronic set of flash cards without all the mess
  • Study Partner: Virtual assistant who chooses other study modules to work on next
  • Study Sessions: Study plan built just for you