Study Suite Monitoring

Monitor the progress of students using the desktop Study Suite software or the Study Suite Anywhere web app!

Study Suite Monitoring is now a web app!

Study Suite Monitoring is a web app designed especially for dietetic instructors who oversee students using the Study Suite desktop software or web app.  Instructors may view progress data of students’ tests, domain proficiency, articles read, videos watched, plus so much more!

Study Suite Monitoring is a 12-month subscription.  Instructors:  Ask us how to receive a free 12-month license of Study Suite Anywhere!

Note:  This app is for instructors only.  If you are a student, please choose from one of the following:

Study Suite Monitoring is so much more!

  • Easier to use!  When compared to the now discontinued desktop version of Monitoring, the new web app makes it easier to set up cohorts of students.  Search for students by name, email, Registration Code, or Import Code to easily add them to a cohort!  Plus, since this is now a web app, there is nothing to install, and when there is an update pushed through, your app will automatically be updated!  No need to have IT perform any installations!
  • More accessible!  Study Suite Monitoring is now a web app, which means instructors may log in from any device connected to the internet to view student data!
  • More features!  Study Suite Monitoring is no longer only a snapshot tool.  Based on instructors’ feedback, the new web app now also contains the same content your students see so instructors can now view the content as well!  Instructors can also create assignments for students to complete!
  • More powerful!  Study Suite Monitoring was designed with the instructor in mind.  In addition to having the content readily available, instructors now have access to improved data reporting, enhanced student management, and creating assignments using the Assignment Wizard or in the actual study modules!
  • One app monitors all students!  Study Suite Monitoring allows instructors to monitor students using both the desktop Study Suite software and the Study Suite Anywhere web app!
What's Included in Study Suite Monitoring?
  • Create cohorts:  Cohorts are the main buckets which hold a list of students.  Have as many cohorts as you like.  A student may be present in multiple cohorts of your choosing.
  • Add students:  Easily add students to a cohort by searching by name, email address, Registration Code, or Import Code.  An Import Code is created by us and provided to you when you have a lot of students in a class.  Entering one Import Code is much less time-consuming than entering dozens of individual codes.

Monitor student progress by individual student or the cohort group as a whole.  The view and data will differ slightly between the two.

  • Overall Proficiency:  View the cumulative percentages between the four main categories in dietetics:  Principles of Dietetics, Clinical, Management, and Foodservice.  The Overall Proficiency is calculated based on everything scored in Study Suite, such as Practice Exams, Matching, Abbreviations, and Hanging with Nutrition.
  • Practice Exam Analysis:  View the overall average in Practice Exams as well as a bar chart displaying the student’s pretest score, category average, and cohort average between the four main categories of the exam.
  • Pretest vs. Post-Test Analysis:  View a comparison of the student’s pretest score and their most recent Full Simulation Exam (a post-test) and a breakdown between the four main categories of the exam.
  • List of Practice Exams taken:  View a list of Practice Exams taken by the student, displaying the test date, the test name, the test score, and the Mock Scaled Score.  The Mock Scaled Score is shown only on the pretest and any simulated exam.  Select any test in the list to view the questions the student was exposed to.  Double-click a question to view the actual question and explanation.
  • Topics Proficiency Analysis:  View a list of all topics the student or group were exposed to and the correlating proficiency for that topic.  Use this as a teaching tool to see where the student needs improvement and further teachings.
  • Library Analysis:  View a list of Library articles read by the student.  Double-click to read the article. (Individual view only)
  • Video Analysis:  View a list of Whiteboard Videos watched by the student. (Individual view only)
  • Matching Analysis:  View the overall average in Matching as well as a bar chart displaying a breakdown between the four main categories.  You can also view the student’s proficiency per Matching category.
  • Hanging with Nutrition Analysis:  View the overall average in Hanging as well as a bar chart displaying a breakdown between the four main categories.
  • Flash Cards Analysis:  View the number of flash cards viewed from each main category of the exam.
  • Abbreviations Analysis:  View the overall average in Abbreviations and the number of Abbreviations attempted.
  • Time Utilization Analysis:  View the percentage of time spent in each study module in Study Suite.
  • Easily create new assignments using the Assignment Wizard, which will walk you through the steps from choosing a due date to selecting the topics and content you want all students in a cohort to view.
  • Assignments can also be created in the actual study modules!  As an instructor, you can work through the actual content the students see.  Find a set of questions you would like to add to an assignment?  Simply click Add To Assignment while working in the study module to add the set!  This will show up in your Queued Assignments for you to later push through to the group.
  • View Active, Completed, and Queued Assignments.  Active and Completed assignments will show you the due date, the cohort to which the assignment was assigned, and the overall percentage of completion of the assignment.  The Queued assignments hold all assignments that have not been pushed through to students.
  • Was there an assignment you made for a previous cohort you would like to use for the next?  No problem!  Simply select the assignment in your Active or Completed sections and click Copy Assignment!
  • View progress of an assignment:  At any time, you can see which student has completed which assignment.  Simply click View Progress in your Active or Completed sections, and then select a student to view their progress.  You will be able to view the questions, articles, videos, and everything else in the assignment.

As an instructor, you now have all the Study Suite content right at your fingertips!

  • Browse through the Library articles.
  • Watch the Whiteboard Videos.
  • Play the fun Matching game.
  • Shuffle up and deal the Flash Cards.
  • Even test your knowledge in the Practice Exams!

Study Suite Monitoring walkthrough