Study Suite Add-On Products

Add study modules and features to your Study Suite Software!

Get more out of studying!

IMPORTANT: This page is intended only for customers who already have the Study Suite program installed and are running the Dietitian Exam Study Suite version 8.0.0 or later or the Diet Tech Exam Study Suite 6.0.0 or later (purchased after November 2021). Study Suite programs prior to these versions must be updated before the study modules on this page may be added. If you see Library, Flash Cards, Hanging with Nutrition, Study Partner, and Study Sessions in your software, then you have an appropriate version.

  • After you purchase an Add-On product, you will receive an email with your Add-On Code
  • In the Study Suite program, click on the study module you just purchased.  You will see a window appear like the one to the right
  • Enter your Add-On Code exactly as it appears in the box provided, and then click Verify
  • Once the code is successfully verified, you may close out the Demo or Buy window and click on the panel from the Study screen again to access the full version

We offer returns, refunds and exchanges under certain terms. Please view our policy page for more information.

Library Add-On

Library is a list of searchable topics and articles to read prior to studying in the software. Library is included in the Plus and Ultimate packages and may be added on in the Basic package.

  • Database of over 300 articles in Dietitian Study Suite (over 250 in the Diet Tech Study Suite)
  • Type in the keyword search to find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Narrow down the list of topics by domain and/or subcategory
  • Review all the articles in the list or select one article to review
  • Read through the articles and even search within the document
  • Following a Practice Exam, you will be shown a list of topics of questions you answered incorrectly and will have the opportunity to re-review these Library topics.  No need for flipping through hundreds of pages of paper to re-read the articles.  The software handles all of this for you!

Hanging with Nutrition Add-On

Hanging with Nutrition is a hangman-style game familiarizing nutrition students with the vocabulary of the profession. Instead of just “blind guessing” the word, the student is presented with a clue to help solve the secret word. This add-on is included in the Ultimate package and may be added on in the Basic and Plus packages.

  • Database of over 800 mystery words (over 700 in Diet Tech Study Suite)
  • Mystery words are grouped in all major testing domains
  • A detailed description for each word
  • A fun My Plate icon as the hangman character
  • Review all words answered incorrectly
  • Add your own notes to a specific topic
  • Images accompany several mystery words

Flash Cards Add-On

NEWLY REVISED in December 2021!!  Requires version 8.1.0 or later (6.1.0 or later of the Diet Tech Study Suite)

Flash Cards is a set of flash cards in electronic format. With the Flash Cards module, you have all the flexibility of hand-held cards but without the mess, such as bookmarking cards for later review and adding notes to the cards.  Over 1,100 flash cards included in the Dietitian Exam Study Suite (over 800 in Diet Tech)! Flash Cards is included in the Ultimate package and may be added on in the Basic and Plus packages.

Just like hard copies of flash cards, with the electronic version, you can also:

  • Bookmark cards for later review
  • Add notes to cards to help you remember more information
  • Shuffle the deck to be asked questions in a new, random order
  • Choose a deck from a specific domain, or combine all the decks together to be asked all of the cards

And unlike hard copies of flash cards, with the electronic version you can also:

  • Email us a question on a specific card to learn more about the topic
  • Help save the environment by studying electronically and reducing paper usage

Study Sessions Add-On Feature

Study Sessions is a unique feature which builds a study plan just for you. Choose an exam date or from a pre-defined set number of months to study, choose the days of the week you plan on studying, and Study Sessions generates your study plan. Each day you enter the software, you will be presented with the day’s topics to cover as well as all of the different study modules which contain these topics. You can even work ahead or revisit past sessions. Study Sessions is included in the Ultimate package and may be added on in the Basic and Plus packages.

Study Partner Add-On Feature

Study Partner is your virtual studying assistant. Study Partner follows you around the software, looks at what you choose to work on first, then selects other study modules containing similar topics for you to work on next. Study Partner is included in the Plus and Ultimate packages and may be added on in the Basic package.