Study Suite Support Subscription Codes

The Subscription Codes on this page require the Study Suite software. Please do not order these codes if you do not have the actual software.

Extend Your Support For the Dietitian Exam Study Suite and the Diet Tech Exam Study Suite

**  Before purchasing a subscription code on this page, please check to see if your subscription is current (not expired) or if it has expired. You can find this on the Subscriptions window in the software.

Please contact us before purchasing a Subscription Code if you are unsure as to which code to purchase and to ensure you purchase the correct one for your situation. If you do purchase the wrong one (i.e. you purchase the 3-month extension but your subscription has expired), we will refund your purchase minus a 20% fee.

How to Use the Subscription Codes

After you purchase a Support Subscription Code, you will receive an email with your code. This code will need to be entered into your Study Suite program.

  • Open the Manage Subscription page by clicking on the panel on the lower-right of the Home screen.
  • This will open the Manage Subscriptions window. Enter the code into the box and click Verify. A successful code entry will extend your update subscription by 3 or 12 months, depending on which product you purchased.
  • After you verify your subscription code, close out of the Manage Subscription window and get back to the Home screen.
  • Now check for any available updates by clicking the Update Available button in the toolbar. As an alternative method, you can click on the Update History button in the toolbar, and then click Check for Updates

Please note: The purpose of the Update Subscription Code is only to extend the Support Subscription expiration date on your program. After you enter the code into your program, you will then need to check for updates, download them, and install them. The Support Code itself does not update your software. You still need to manually do this.

Student Edition Extension & Renewal

Should your support subscription expire, you may continue to use the software indefinitely, but you will not be able to download any software updates or receive software support unless you maintain an active subscription. Software support refers to reactivating registration codes and maintaining the software’s functionality. With expired subscriptions, we will not be reactivating registration codes or providing major software support, such as an operating system update that makes part or all of the software inaccessible.

If your update subscription is still valid, you may purchase a 3-month or 12-month Support Subscription Extension. With expired subscriptions (expired within 2 years from the subscription expiration date), you will need to purchase a Support Subscription Renewal.  Subscriptions expired longer than 2 years will need the purchase of a new license.  Please contact us if you have additional questions regarding the software subscriptions.

Academic Edition Renewal

Once registered, the software will be accessible for 12 months. In order to continue using after the subscription has expired, a renewal subscription must be purchased. A new software registration comes with 12 months of software usage, updates, and support.

After your purchase of the Academic Support Subscription Renewal, we will manually update your subscription expiration date, and your Academic Edition program will reflect the change automatically.  This process may take up to 24 hours as we will be making this change for you manually.

  • Visual Veggies Academic Support Subscription Renewal


There are differences between the Student Edition and Academic Edition.

Student Edition

(single user for home use)

There is no time limit of use with the software. Once you have it installed on your computer, it is yours indefinitely until you decide to uninstall it.

With the new activation of the software, you will receive free updates and support for the first 12 months. Should your support subscription expire, you may continue to use the software without any limitations, but you will not be eligible to receive any future software updates, and the support we provide to you is limited (i.e. with an expired support subscription, we will not be reactivating registration codes or be providing major software support, such as an operating system update which makes part or all of the software inaccessible).

With an active subscription, a 3-month or a 12-month Support Subscription Code may be purchased to extend your support subscription. Once the support subscription has expired, you will need to purchase a 12-month Renewal Subscription Code in order to receive future updates and continued support. Maintaining an active support subscription is less expensive than renewing a subscription.

Think of the update/support subscription as a warranty on your car.  With a purchase of a new car, you would most likely receive a warranty for a couple of years.  This warranty covers various things in your new car to ensure it will continue to run.  You are able to continue driving the car after the warranty expires, but when it comes time for repairs, this would be out of pocket.  The software’s subscription is similar to this.  While your subscription is active, we will make sure it runs on your operating system and fix any bugs as they become known.  You may continue to use the software after the initial 12 months, but you will be taking a chance that nothing major happens and needs to be fixed in your program.

Academic Edition

(multiple users for school use on campus)

The Academic Edition of the software is accessible for 12 months from the date the software is registered. During the 12 months, the school is able to receive any available software updates and any necessary support. Following the 12-month period, in order for continued use, an Academic Renewal Subscription must be purchased, which grants an additional 12 months of updates, support, and usage.

Student Editions

Student Editions are designed for an individual student who purchases the program on their own, are studying at home, and are made for only one user.

Academic Editions

Academic Editions are designed for colleges, universities, or other academic institutions where the plan is to install the software in a computer lab for multiple users to access the software.

Which edition is right for me?

If you are a student purchasing the program for yourself, or are an educational institution purchasing the software for your students to install on their individual computers at home, go for the Student Edition.

If you are an instructor or purchasing manager of a college, university, or other academic institution and plan to install the software on a shared computer in a lab, opt for the Academic Edition.

Why is there such a huge difference in cost for the Academic Edition?

The Academic Edition is more expensive because this edition allows for more than one student to use the software per license.  The Student Edition may have only one user per license.

We offer returns, refunds and exchanges under certain terms. Please view our policy page for more information.