Project Roadmap

See what projects we have planned!

Project Roadmap

We decided to make a special page for our planned projects.  The list below is the current planned order and is subject to change, depending on the need.  You’ll notice there are no expected launch dates, and that is because a new project can come with many complications that could push its availability back continuously.  As our friends at Xojo say “It’ll be ready when it’s ready”.  Xojo is the software tool we use to develop our software and apps.

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Project MONITOR is the name for the development of the web app of Study Suite Monitoring, our tool for instructors to monitor student progress using the Study Suite software and web app.  We are setting this project as top priority since the current desktop version of Study Suite Monitoring is not compatible with our new web app, Study Suite Anywhere, and we need to get instructors up and running so they can monitor students using both the desktop and web platforms of Study Suite.

Project LAYOUT

Project LAYOUT is the name for the improvements that need to be made to the recently launched Study Suite Anywhere web app.  On first launch of the web app, we focused on developing it for use on computers and larger mobile tablets.  While the app technically can run on a smartphone and smaller tablet, it is simply not optimized for these devices yet.

Project WEB DEMO

Project WEB DEMO… I think you know what this project is all about.  Yep!  We need to make a demo app of Study Suite Anywhere.  This web app was just launched in August 2023, but what if you wanted to try it out before you purchase, like you can do with our desktop software?  This app needs a demo, and it is coming.


I am very excited about this project, but unfortunately, I moved it down the list as other projects need to take precedence.  Project LECTURE will be a web app of video lectures!  The plan is to have several video presentations covering topics.  Students will watch the video lecture and then take practice questions based on what was part of the lecture.  The questions will be new and will not be in the Study Suite software or web app, so it will be a fresh new set of questions.

Project DROID

Project DROID is the long-awaited launch of our mobile Practice Exams and mobile Flash Cards apps for Android devices.  Currently these apps are only on Apple iOS mobile devices.  With the launch of our new web app, Study Suite Anywhere, yes, this app can already run on Android devices.  But Project DROID will bring the addition of native apps, meaning these will be apps made just for Android devices.  “Why bother?”, you might ask.  Having a native app means you can use the app without internet (you need internet for the web app).  It also means getting only the Practice Exams if that’s what you want.  Lastly, a native app means pay once and have for life.

Want to see something else or really want us to prioritize a project?  Send us a message to upvote any of these projects or suggest a new project!